Nikos Vertis at Wembley Arena 2017

DMX Productions were chosen as the production supplier for international Greek superstar Nikos Vertis. His shows are famed for their extravagant productions; massive lighting rigs and immersive video content. Nikos performed a one off show at the SSE Wembley Arena in May showcasing Greek traditional music with pop and dance elements. DMX Productions supplied 72Sqm of our ESD Lumen P3 video wall along with a Hippotizer Karst for the video element of the show. The lighting consisted of Clay Paky Scenius Spots, Elation 5R Extreme beams and Robe LED 600 Washes. All controlled from a Highend Hog4. The PA was L’Acoustics VDOSC with an Digico SD7 at FOH and an SD10 on monitors. LD Emiliano Bistri VJ Konstantinos Gar Gas

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