SARO The Musical @ The Shaw Theatre London

Nigerian theatre company Terra Kulture returned to London’s West End with a spectacular musical ‘Saro The Musical’, following last year’s sensational debut of WAKA. Saro The Musical is a moving artistic portrait of ‘The African Dream’ . It is a modern, dynamic musical painted with colours of hope, self-will, love and determination. Saro is a rollercoaster of emotions through stellar acting, rich costumes, vibrant dancing and music. DMX Productions supplied the production for the run of shows, which featured a 8m by 4m ground supported video wall along with a lighting and audio package. The show was operated by Yemi on an Avo Tiger Touch, while the audio was mixed on an Avid Profile with Aviom personal mix system for the musicians. The lighting rig was based around Robe Pointes, supplemented with Elation Six Pars and Washes.

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