DMX Productions Invests in Market-Leading LED Video Wall

In order to meet the growing needs of our clients, DMX Productions has expanded into the LED video market and invested in the best and most creative product on the market, the Dazzle P3 LED Video Wall, with a 3.9mm pixel, crystal clear LED display.

Not only is the resolution amazing, making it suitable for both corporate and IMAG uses, the ability to curve the wall has opened up a whole new dimension in terms of the creative options available. The 3.9mm pitch between pixels sets the Dazzle P3 apart from traditional LED walls, as this solution is able to retain high levels of clarity even when people are very close to the screen, a feature that is ideal for exhibitions and other interactive events.

The screen’s super-wide 160 degree viewing angle allows visitors and clients to see the screen from all different angles without the nuisance of shadow. The Dazzle P3 is ideal for work in the television and film industry, with a variable refresh rate between 1000Hz and 2500Hz. Superior to all other video wall solutions currently on the market, the Dazzle P3’s fanless design means that it’s perfect for quiet environments or events where people are seated very close to the screen.

The control system NovaStar is a market leading image processor, and we have the HD models available in our hire stock. The NovaStar HDs are Genloc compatible and can be cascaded to control pixel counts of up to 4k.

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