Gatecrasher GC20 Part 2

Gatecrasher celebrated its 20th Birthday with the second Warehouse party of the year, on Saturday 19th October 2013. The event was held in the grounds of Donington Park and Simon Raine from Gatecrasher handed the challenge of production to DMX. Our brief was to turn the 10,000 capacity venue into “one of the most technically advanced dance music events the UK has ever seen”.

In keeping with Gatecrasher’s history of pioneering dance music events through the UK, Simon wanted the production to astound and amaze his audience. The setup had to include pyrotechnics, video walls, CO2 cannons, dancers’ podium, lasers, lighting and sound that would enhance the brand image of Gatecrashers.

However, the venue posed numerous challenges, including low ceilings, limited rigging, noise restrictions, limited power and the fact that another event had been booked for the next day. The lighting was designed by company director SJ Grevett and operated by Jack Sayer. Throughout the design process, Simon wanted DMX to think big and really push boundaries. The final fixture count totaled 120 and specially designed V trusses from two trusses were flown throughout the venue. Sharpys and Pointes were located over the stage and surrounded by the famous Gatecrasher lion mastheads.

DMX were obliged to take the issue of noise pollution very seriously when designing the show and used the D&B Q Series for the main hangs, with B2s reinforcing the bass. 12 B2s were specially tuned using delays to channel the bass straight down the 130m long venue and avoid the noise sensitive premises to the left and right of the building.

Artists on the night included Paul Van Dyke who DMX has previously worked with on Godskitchen events, Ferry Corsten, Mauro Picotto, John O’Callaghan and Marco V.

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