Sammi ‘TouchMi’ World Tour – Wembley May 2016

Cantopop queen Sammi Hui Cheng Sau-man touched down in London for the only UK date of her world tour. On 31st May, Wembley was packed with fans of one of the most successful Hong Kong female artists ever. Sammi has sold more than 30 million records throughout the Asia-Pacific, and has received the most Local Female Vocalist awards in the Hong Kong Cantopop industry since her debut. From 1993 to 2010, Sammi Cheng won
a total of 12 Top Female Vocalist awards, and she’s known for bringing a unique on-stage style to all her performances.

DMX Productions has a long history of working with international superstars on their single UK tour dates, and supplied full production for the Sammi ‘TouchMi’ date at London’s Wembley. The show required a huge build and DMX Productions managed to load in a day early thanks to working on another show in Wembley prior to Sammi’s date.

The show featured a huge LED wall, made up of our new Dazzle P3 panels and NovaPro HD. The screen was driven by a Barco Encore and included custom graphics mixed with live camera feeds running on-screen. The lighting spec featured a huge number of premium fixtures, with Martin Vipers, Mac2ks, and Clay Paky Sharpys, all controlled from a pair of
GrandMAs. The Vipers proved impressive during the show, cutting through the video wall output and creating stunning displays.

The PA was L’Acosutics K2, which perfectly suited both the venue and the artist. The vocal clarity was exceptional and the coverage was completely uniform. The show was controlled by an AVID Profile FOH and Yamaha CL5 on monitors. On stage, the band used an Aviom system to create their own personal mixes. Sammi’s shows always utilize pyrotechnics and special effects as an essential part of the production. Wembley featured time-coded Gerb chases across the downstage edge, low smoke for key songs, and confetti and streamer shots into the audience.

DMX Productions Director SJ Grevett described the show as an ‘amazing production’ and said it was a pleasure to work on the Wembley date. He said “Sammi’s team were incredible and demonstrated a level of technical competency and attention to detail that was truly superb. Everything ran flawlessly, the time-coded opening was breathtaking, the staging, costume changes, the band…. Everything was spot on and I’m looking forward to the next show already”.

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