TheShow: RnB Superstars Wembley Arena

The Valentines weekend event at Wembley Arena was an exercise in nostalgia for faithful R&B fans. Favourites En Vogue and Tony! Toni! Toné! weren’t afraid to address the darker side of romantic relationships. The songs about heartbreak and deception ensured that the devotional hits were all the more meaningful. The full spectrum of 90s R&B styles were showcased, and lesser-known acts were greeted with great enthusiasm from the crowd.

Production for the show was provided by DMX Productions, and the Valentine’s Special was recognised as a distinct success, with a favourable review from The Guardian’s Alex Macpherson. The DMX crew arrived for a 3am load-in and achieved an 11am build, allowing sound checks to start promptly. Lighting and media for the event were operated by Jack Sayer, and controlled by Avolites Expert Pro with Titan Mobile Wing.

Jack Sayer lit 6 of the 7 acts and created a unique look for every artist. Media was run from the Al T4 server, and this server was also used to send content to a centre 8m x 8m pitch video wall. The Al T4 server acted as a visualisation machine running Capture, allowing Jack to continue programming while the headliner’s LD had control of the rig. The show’s lighting designer was Tom Grant, who chose a selection of fixtures to create a varied selection of visually stunning effects. The full list of fixtures included:

Fixtures included:
24x Martin Mac 2000 Wash
18x Robe MMX Spots
24x Clay Paky Sharpies
12x Clay Paky Alpha Wash 700s
16x GLP Impression 90s
14x Chorlech Jarag-5s
12x Martin Atomics
6x JT 8 Cell Molefays
18x JT 2 Cell Molefays

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