Allen & Heath Xone62

Allen & Heath Xone62

A classic Allen and Heath mixer renowned for its superb audio quality. If you are after dependability and a sound that will take your mixes to the next level, the Xone:62 is the one for you.

Its 6 Dual Stereo Channels make the Xone 62 the mixer of choice for many of the worlds greatest DJs. Its CH 1&2 have XLR MIC inputs and [TRS] stereo line level inputs, with ‘corrective’ EQ. CH 3-6 have stereo RCA RIAA turntable inputs and stereo RCA line level inputs, plus powerful 4 band ‘music’ EQ.

Every channel has a stereo auxiliary send that can be individually switched pre or post fade to enhance your experience. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a post crossfader send to this stereo aux, meaning a program feed to a zone is possible.

The Xone 62 also has the powerful 4 band EQ with ‘asymmetric’ characteristic on CH 3-6; and -26dB cut to allow for creative mixing. CH 1&2 has ‘corrective’ EQ for optimum MIC & line control and even EQ on switches are provided.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that there is a high quality Penny and Giles VCA Cross Fader with curve switchable to cut or dip to personalize your mixes. Channels 3-6 can be assigned to X left side or Y right side, indicated by green or yellow LEDs.

The Xone 62 is equipped with 2 voltage controlled filters that give a choice of High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass or multiples e.g. notch. Also there is Resonance control that adjusts Q from ‘mild to wild’, meaning you will never get bored of using the Xone 62.

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