MagicFX CO2 gun

MagicFX CO2 gun

The MagicFX CO2 Gun is a handheld unit that can blast white cryogenic fog plumes of up to 8m.

An innovative an spectacular eye catcher for DJ’s and dancers alike then Co2 Gun is a great alternative to fixed head Co2 Jets as it requires no electrical power, making it a truly versatile effect for Festivals and outdoor Events as well as for Night Clubs and touring DJ’s!

The CO2 Gun requires a CO2 cylinder (liquid CO2 is available in various sixe cylinders from BOC or Air products) and a flexible high pressure thermoplastic CO2 hose.

Tech Spec:
Size 57cm x 210cm
barrel 25cm Ø5cm
Weight 1.5kgs
Power None required
Consumption CO2 gas (liquid)
Output approx. 8m. (depending on the humidity)

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