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Robe LED Beam 150

Robe LED Beam 150

The Robin LED Beam 150 is a compact, lightweight yet highly powerful piece of technology. While it weighs only 6kg, it boasts wide and far reaching wash of the highest quality with fast sweeping beams.

This LED Beam 150 provides exciting colourful chases with smooth transitions made possible by high power multichip 30W RGBW LEDs. The use of pre-programmed colours on a virtual colour wheel allows for fast and simple programming. It features an impressive zoom range of 3,8-60° using the newest custom-designed optical technology and swift pan and tilt movements ensure complete control.

This multifaceted piece of technology has the capacity for intense strobing and pulsing effects however this is beautifully contrasted by the capability for gentle dimming which can be achieved with Tungsten lamp effects.

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