• The Force FX CO2 Jet is a small but powerful device that blows white clouds of CO2 up to 8 meters high.
  • CO2 Jets have become an event and festival staple for a safe repeatable effect. The CO2 Jets can be mounted on trusses or placed on stages on base plates. The CO2 Jets must be used with liquid CO2 tanks to create the effect. The CO2 Jets use powercon to daisy chain together for quick easy rigging they are controllable by DMX if connected to a DMX switch pack.
  • Size (LxWxH) 13x8x13cm, output pipe 20.5cm
  • Weight (KG) 3,5
  • Voltage 230V AC / 50Hz
  • Power 20W
  • Control 230V on/off switch or DMX by Switch Pack
  • Output 8m
  • Can be used alongside other brands such as Magic FX.