BassFest 2019


Bassfest is one of the UK’s largest summer festivals with several stages, all boasting a variety of different high-profile performers. DMX Productions was commissioned to provide production on the Main Stage and Danza stage, catering for the festival’s headline acts.


The brief for BassFest 2019 outlined the requirement for a full production with a notable emphasis on video and special effects. With a vast line-up and thousands in attendance, the festival organisers wanted to implement a bigger, more complex, and impactful production in comparison to those of prior years, in order to represent the festival’s growth.


We designed a lighting rig which was versatile and could be adapted to compliment the various DJs sets and live performances. This was achieved by the combined use of hybrid fixtures. For example, the main stage was outlined with SGM Q7s, which acted as strobe, flood and molefay, backed up by the ultra versatile MegaPointes that constituted the overhead and floor package. The Danza stage featured Robe SuperSpikes working alongside traditional beams and strobes.

To meet the client’s requirements for video, the main stage featured three hangs of LED screen and a ground-supported DJ riser, all of which were all mapped and controlled by a Barco S3 4K. All screen content was managed and delivered throughout the festival by our technical team, who used the Barco EX and MTP fibre system for image processing and routing, allowing guest VJs to patch in at FOH, with us mapping their content.

Video on the Danza stage took the form of four ground support screens, custom stage risers and LED ground support structures where required to facilitate the design which saw nearly the whole stage covered in video. Content being controlled via Resolume and 4K graphics.

Audio on the main stage was an all D&B PA solution featuring a huge deployed of B22 subs to deliver real low end reinforcement suitable for the bass heavy artist on stage. The Danza stage however, was all L’Acoustics Kara and SB28s delivering the required punch.

Our special effects package comprised of G Flames, Stadium Shots, Cold Sparks and C02 Jets, ensuring the key parts of performances were emphasised, further adding to the festival’s spectacle as initially briefed.

Project Deliverance:

With all creative and technical support for the festival provided by DMX’s experienced team, the use of the latest technology during design and delivery was integral in achieving the desired final product. The combined provision of PA, production lighting, LED wall and special FX on stage one and two, ensured successful delivery of BassFest 2019, with talks now underway for future projects.