Environmental Policy

DMX Productions recognises the importance of protecting our plant and is committed to ensuring that the environmental impact of our operations is minimised. We aim to manage our operations with distinctive environmentally-conscious practices and uphold our core values of social responsibility.

Working within an industry where energy consumption and waste production levels are typically high, DMX Productions aims to function differently, abiding by a stringent environmental policy which ensures that our negative impact on the natural world is as low as possible. We aim to use pragmatic means to reduce our environmental footprint that do not compromise the creativity of our business, or the high standards of our work.

DMX Productions wishes to address its impacts across all areas of business:

Office & Warehouse

Our energy supplier is Ecotricity, and they provide 100% green electricity and carbon neutral green gas. The revenue generated from our energy bills is used to create a greener Britain, investing in new sources of green energy and developing sustainable projects that make a genuine difference.

Office power consumption is reduced on-site through the continued use of energy efficient equipment such as Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting. LED bulbs use 75% less energy and last approximately 25 times longer than regular incandescent lighting. In-office heating is also kept to a minimum and only used when absolutely necessary.

DMX Productions is striving for a paper-free office by offering clients and staff paperless communication lines such as email, PDF, digital signing and Dropbox content sharing. A digital filing system is also used for paper-free document storage, maximising office space and efficiency.

Where possible, the wastage of paper and printing of paper materials is reduced, and the products used are ethical where possible, for example choosing recycled paper.

Recycling systems are in place for non-durable waste materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics and metals. Other materials not currently recycled are also disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner,



All our vehicles are Euro 6 – the least polluting choice available. Our long-term aim is to go to electric where possible with all our vehicles.

Our transport systems are managed so that the smallest number of vehicles is used per event and vehicle efficiency is maximised. FlyByNite are our preferred transport partner and their fleet meets or exceeds the Euro 4 standards.

Power and Equipment

Power consumption, especially for our large and complex projects, is reduced where possible by using the latest equipment and working with LED equivalents of traditional generic fixtures. Through these methods, we can greatly reduce the amount of power required for an event. We have completed large-scale arena tours pulling just 50amps per phase off the main supply.

The equipment used by DMX Productions is always of the highest quality and durability to ensure power efficiency and longevity. We heavily invest in industry leading products with significant lifespans. Typically, the lifespan of a premium speaker from D&B Audiotechnik is 20 years, while a Robe moving head is 7-10 years. When equipment reaches the end of its lifespan it is either sold, donated or recycled.

The use of standard trussing, staging and LED screens greatly reduces the cost of bespoke set pieces that are usually only used once. Instead of printing a logo for example, we can project it or display it on a screen. Our trussing systems can be used to create almost any temporary structure you can imagine. A recent example was a flown gantry for Leicester City Football Club. Rather than custom-building a structure, truss was assembled with the specific dimensions required and a banner simply wrapped the structure, instead of using wooden boards.

Rechargeable batteries are now being used with our new Shure Axient radio mic system and over time we hope to phase out the use of batteries in our IEM systems. Our long term aim is to have zero single use batteries anywhere within our inventory.

All our confetti and streamer products are now paper and biodegradable. Our CO2 bottles are sourced from BOC or Air Products, meaning that we pay an environmental charge. However, we do appreciate this is an area where we can do better in the future and we are working with artists to reduce the amount of CO2 used on shows in the long term.