Brit Asia Music Awards


Having already worked on previous Brit Asia projects, DMX Productions was honoured to be official production providers for the Brit Asia Music Awards 2019.


As the event was an awards night recorded for TV, the brief required a full production with lighting, video, PA and special effects, plus a clean, minimal stage set. Due to the tight running schedule and multiple high-profile performances, the production concept needed to be versatile, impactful and a captivating spectacle for all those in attendance.


The lighting rig was designed to dazzle the audience and further compliment the live performances, while remaining appropriate for TV tapings. This was achieved using a mixture of floods, beams, washes and moleflays, which were positioned at various points on the stage. All lighting production was built and operated by our technical team, using the GrandMA3 lighting des.

The video solution involved creating a central wall that was 15.5m wide and contained a cut out, allowing all performers to enter and exit and ensuring a clean, minimal design. The screen was running custom 4k content triggered via QLab and processed by a Barco S3 4K. Our camera package included multiple broadcast cameras and jibs which were situated at various points in the venue. The cameras fed to further LED Image displays that were located either side of the stage, ensuring that the audience could always see a closeup shot of the artists, compares or winners on stage, help keep the gig feeling intimate, despite being in an arena.

To ensure a minimalist stage look for TV, we built risers around the downstage edge at a reduced height, which accommodated all stage monitoring and special effects for the event. Our special effects package included G Flames, C02 and stadium shots which were used during key parts of the event. This delivered the ‘wow’ factor the client desired while also keeping the stage clinically clean.

Further ensuring a clean, minimal look, a PA solution was deployed using the ‘heard not seen’ approach of flying the line array hangs to near maximum trim, avoiding clashes with other production elements yet maintaining coverage throughout the venue, delivering all performances with maximum impact.

The PA was our own D&B J Series combined with SL subs and driven off D80 amplifiers. Our FOH engineer chose to mix the show on our Allen & Heath DLive sound desk, known for its versatility and high performance capabilities. An added benefit of the DLive was its ability to produce multitrack recordings via Dante, and SQ5 and Vi1 also multitrack-recorded the show.

Project Deliverance:

Using our three-phase process of develop, design and deliver, DMX transformed the SSE Wembley Arena with a striking production. The combination of intricate project management, impeccable forward planning and high spec equipment culminated in the production being executed flawlessly.

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