We Love the 90s


In affiliation with AEG, the massive We Love The 90’s tour featured an impressive lineup with performers such as Jenny Berggren from Ace Of Base, Vengaboys, 2 Unlimited, Snap, Whigfield, Haddaway, DJ Sash, Rednex and more.


DMX Productions, working alongside Stage Audio Services, were tasked with designing a complete production solution for all the We Love the 90’s UK tour dates.

While we were given free reign to develop the concept of the show, the brief specifically required a visually striking design to complement the live performers, with added integration of visual content and imag screens. In addition, we were required to provide a camera package, allowing for the event to be filmed.


The lighting design was developed to captivate the audience while paying close attention to the performers, each of whom needed to be lit throughout the show. While ensuring a minimal crew and fast build times, we developed the design around our Prolyte pre-rig truss. The core of the lighting design included high power spots, washes, beams and molefays, all controlled from a GrandMA3.

For our video solution, we flew our Unilumin P3 wall at the rear of the stage, paired with our Barco S3 for processing, allowing for the creative control of the content. Our video package also contained our PPU (Portable Production Unit), FOH camera, pan tilt camera and a stage camera, and the event was filmed and recorded to the highest quality.

To further fulfil the brief request for a visually striking production, we integrated the use of special effects. During the show, we used stadium shots to highlight key parts of the performances and event and delight the crowd.

Project Deliverance:

Working alongside Stage Audio Services, DMX Productions was able to develop and execute a concept based on the initial brief, resulting in excellent feedback from the event organisers.