DMX Productions is a trusted partner of some of the very best names in entertainment. Whether it’s a European arena tour or a one-off show at Wembley Arena, some of the world’s biggest stars have put their events in our capable hands.

Whatever your requirements; be it a full technical production complete with pyrotechnics and a laser show, or a small touring monitors package, our experienced projects team will go the extra mile to ensure your event is a resounding success.


Whoever the artist, DMX Productions, can supply the audio equipment required to meet their riders, no matter how demanding. We stock the latest D&B AudioTechnik Line Array sound systems, Shure Axient radio mic systems, Sennheiser IEM solutions and digital desks from the leading manufactures like Digico, Allen & Heath and Midas.


In this digital world, bringing your artists closer to the audience has never been more critical. We supply complete IMAG packages ensuring concert goers get the optimum view of the artist at all times. All our portable production units feature record drivers for streaming or publishing content later. Typical IMAG packages consist of multi-camera setups; long-throw zoom lens units, pan/tilt cameras, wireless cameras and those on tracks or dollies.


Want a fresh new look for your artist or a signature, unique look for your show? We can design everything in house to exceed your expectations. We combine the latest equipment with our creativity to develop new, exciting concepts for our clients. Everything is bespoke and tailored to your artist’s requirements. We love to push the limits of what’s possible, always striving to go beyond anything seen before.


DMX Productions lighting inventory of fixtures and control systems are among the industry’s most advanced, providing the maximum possible output in the smallest form factor. We have fully embraced LED technology along with hybrid fixtures such as the Robe MegaPointe. Whatever you need to illuminate, whatever the venue, we have the solution from the industries best-known brands.


Our pre-visualisation studio enables us to develop a concept in a 3D world, allowing artists and client to see exactly how we can bring their vision to life. The ability to pre-program a show to timecode is a game-changer for many artists; whereby a show can be timelined from start to finish, making sure every cue is executed with precision. In today’s marketplace, the associated saved costs in not having to build the full rig in rehearsals is also a critical factor.

Project Management

At DMX Productions, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible show for our clients and artists. We go above and beyond to provide genuinely incredible experiences for the audiences. We pride ourselves on being a partner in the planning and execution of your event. We manage all the technical elements, from initial designs, CAD plans, health and safety, through to delivering your event.


Often overlooked and critical to any show is the ability to get the equipment safely and securely positioned. We stock a vast range of truss, motors and associated rigging equipment that allow us to quickly and safely build whatever you require! All our equipment is inspected under the LOLAR regulations and individually barcoded and tracked. We work closely with the leading manufactures such as Prolyte, Liftket, CM, and Global Truss.

Special FX

It’s all about the ‘WOW’ factor! Want to create that special moment, end the show in style or make and huge impact upon entrance? Then we have the experience and the skill to safely deliver your vision. We supply all types of indoor and outdoor special effects; including pyrotechnics, professional flame effects, CO2 jets & handheld CO2 cannons, confetti and streamer effects, snow, smoke and haze solutions.


Projection and LED screens are these days a core element of any production. From a huge LED wall stage backdrop to a complex projection mapping, video creates the wow factor. We are continually investing and upgrading to keep at the cutting edge of video technology. We were among the first companies in the UK to adopt a 3.9mm outdoor screen, currently the lowest outdoor pitch available. Our Barco control systems allow multiple media servers, camera, IMAG sources all to be mixed seamlessly.



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