63A/3 to 1x 13A 6 x 16A, 3 x 32A/1, 2 x 32A/3 Distro

V45/36 Stacking corner points,
All sockets and trips are recessed.
Engraved socket & trip numbers

Inlet: 63A 400V Panel mounted inlet 5P IP67 6h by Mennekes

6 x 16A / 230V (2 per Phase) 3P IP44 6h by Mennekes
3 x 32A / 230V (1 per Phase) 3P IP44 6h by Mennekes

1 x 4 Pole 63A/30mA RCD Type AC, by RTC, protection for all sockets
3 x 32A MCBs 1P C Curve by RTC, 1 per socket
6 x 16A MCBs 1P C Curve by RTC, 1 per socket
3 x Neon to show “Power On” (1 per phase)

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