Audio Drive Rack with Accessories

  • 1x Audio Drive Rack
  • 2x Lake LM44
  • 1x Manfrotto Nano Mic Stand
  • 1x Ubiquiti Unify POE Access Point
  • 2x CBS Wishbone Monitor Mount Arm
  • 1x CBS Wishbone Monitor Mount Pole
  • 5x Cat5 Cable
  • 1x 13A to 32A Adapter
  • 1x 4 Way XLR – XLR Loom 5m
  • 5x Cat5 etherCON Cable 5m
  • 13A to IEC Adapter
  • 1x powerCON to 16A Adapter
  • 1x powerCON to 13A 2 Gang Adapter
  • 1x powerCON Cable 3m
  • 1x Hanns G Touch Screen 21.5in Monitor HT225
  • 2x Logitech Wireless Keyboard/Trackpad

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