Avolites Tiger Touch Pro with accessories


  • The Tiger Touch Pro is a fast and intuitive live interface for lighting solutions. With 10 page-able playbacks and 10 static playbacks the touch pro is perfect for instant access.
  • The Tigers screen is a beautiful 15.4” touch panel which allows for fast and easy programming. Three optical encoders for hand on access and MIDI support for MIDI notes and MIDI timecode. With built in UPS and dual ethernet ports, the Tiger Touch pro is perfect for your event.
  • With the  ‘Quicksketch1’ freehand tool and easy pixelmapping tools there is nothing you cant do with this desk.
  • Avo Tiger Touch Pro also has 4 physical DMX outputs, up to 16 over Art-Net, DMX In or MIDI, Dedicated cue stack control and 10 programmable executor buttons.


  • Avolites Tiger Touch Pro
  • Avolites Tiger Touch Pro Cover
  • 13A to IEC Adapter

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