Chauvet STRIKE Array 2C with accessories

STRIKE Array 2C is an IP65-rated audience blinder with two independently focusable pods. Intense RGBA-WW LED output delivers a full range of color as well as a wide choice of white color temperatures with exceptional color rendering. Offering the industry leading low end dimming performance our STRIKE Array fixtures are known for as well as Red Shift that warms the color temperature of the light as it dims to emulate a classic tungsten look. Variable PWM and high CRI make this the ideal blinder for broadcast applications. Its proprietary Tool-Free interlocking system enables STRIKE Array 2C to be easily interconnected with multiple Array units for scalable configurations. Omega-Bracket locks are also installed on both the yoke and the rear of the fixture to streamline the truss mounting process.



  • Intense 2 pod color blinder/strobe rated IP65 for all-weather use
  • Full range of color and excellent rendition of any color temperature of white
  • Emulated “red shift” to mimic incandescent fixtures perfectly.
  • Individual pan (or tilt depending on mount orientation) of each head to allow for directional adjustment of light output.
  • Innovative interlocking system to connect multiple STRIKE Array family fixtures together.
  • Multiple mounting locations and repositionable yoke with ¼ turn adaptors for creative and convenient rigging options
  • Independent pod control and strobe functionality for high-impact effects on the fly

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