D&B Q10 Line Array Downfill with accessories


  • D&B Q10 2 Way Line Array Downfill
  • D&B Q Rigging Set (2 Splay Link, 2 Front Link, 4 Locking Pin Sets)


  • The Q10 is a passive 2-way loudspeaker. Providing exceptional vertical dispersion control with the nominal angle being maintained down to 400 Hz.
  • The Q10 can be used as a stand-alone full range system or in combination with other Q-Series cabinets ground stacked or mounted on a high stand. Provides remarkable transparency when used in close proximity to listeners.
  • The Q10 cabinet is constructed from marine plywood and has an impact resistant paint finish. The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill, covered with an acoustically transparent foam. The cabinet incorporates a pair of handles and mounted on the rear panel are two NL4 connectors wired in parallel.

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