Galaxis G-Flame

  • Very versatile usage due to various control inputs: DMX, 12-24V, ext. contact, radio and RS485
  • No mains voltage required, thanks to the integrated battery solution with up to 60 h stand-by time
  • Extremely weatherproof, can be used even in heavy rain without any problems
  • Operation with inexpensive aerosol cans, gas cans or gas cylinders possible
  • Fuel cans are completely encased in the housing and therefore well protected
  • Cartridge holder comes with non-return valves
  • All components are equipped with quick couplers for extremely assembly
  • Fully autarkic operation if the optional Advanced radio module or wireless DMX receivers are used
  • Integrated fine filter prevents leakage of solenoid valves
  • Equipped with two solenoid valves connected in series for double safety
  • Electronic flame monitoring by means of ionization measurement
  • Equipped with tilt sensor
  • Bi-directional communication with the controller PFC Advanced and USB Radio Modem PFM Advanced for remote programming and remote data requests
  • Prepared for quick mounting on stands and truss elements
  • Illuminated text display with convenient menu navigation
  • Optical warning when armed
  • Atomic effect programmable
  • Fast step sequences possible because the flame extinguishes within a short time after closing the solenoid valves, even during can operation

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