Green-GO WBPX Wireless Belt Pack

  • The GreenGo Comms Wireless Belt Pack is a DECT 1.9 GHz license-free wireless intercom, with selectable 2,3 and 4 channel operation.
  • There are 32 channels held in memory, and the pack features full duplex, high audio quality and low latency.
  • The RF coverage is between 50m and 300m depending on the environment the product is being used in, and the RF range can be increased by adding remote antennas.The GreenGo Comms operates on a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which is removable and includes a quick release.
  • Four beltpacks can be registered to a single WAA antenna and vice versa. The GreenGo Comms Wireless Beltpack is presented in a lightweight, weather resistant case, making it ideal for outdoor use.

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