Luminex GigaCore 30i

Most suitable applications: Fixed installations
PoE: Optional (up to 370W – up to 330W for Rev A)
RLinkX (Link redundancy): Yes
Groups (VLAN segmentation): Yes
MultiLinkX (Link aggregation): Yes
Profile manager: Yes
Memory: 4Mb
MAC address table: 8192 Entries
Address learning / Aging: Self learning, Auto aging
Switching throughput: 52Gbps
Jumbo frames: MTU up to 9600
IGMP support: Yes (V1/V2/V3)
IGMP snooping: Yes, enabled by default
Port sensing: Auto negotiation
Auto crossover: MDI / MDIX
Auto sensing: Full or Half Duplex (Gigabit is Full Duplex)

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