Sennheiser E908 Sax Mic for Wireless System

Solid, focused and precisely positionable.

The high-end sound of a condenser microphone is combined with the features of professional stage equipment to make the e 908 a small, highly flexible marvel. With an open and high-definition character, it creates surprisingly forceful sounds. It transmits the attack in a very clear and defined manner while structure-borne noise is reliably suppressed. Thanks to its shock-mounted head, gooseneck and special clips, the e 908 can be quickly attached and precisely oriented to the sound source. Despite its delicate form, the microphone is ruggedly constructed and easily takes even hard hits.

Condenser microphone
High-end sound and precise definition
Simple mounting thanks to practical clips
Precise orientation with gooseneck microphone boom
Protection against impact and handling noise
Can be operated with an evolution wireless instrument transmitter

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