Shure KSM109 Condenser Mic

The Shure KSM109 offers incredible performance for its price. It combines an extended frequency response for natural sound reproduction with a smooth high end and a tight, controlled low end. It’s all the mic you need for studio instrument recording.


A tight cardioid polar pattern

Transformerless Class-A preamplifier circuitry design

Outstanding transparency without crossover distortion

An extended frequency response (20Hz to 20KHz)

Natural reproduction of sound with a smooth high-end and a tight/controlled low-end

Switchable -15dB Pad allows the input of a wider range of SPL sources


Some typical applications for the KSM109 are listed below. Microphone use, however, is a matter of personal taste. The KSM109 may be used for a variety of applications other than those listed.

Acoustic instruments — such as piano, guitar, drums, percussion, strings

Wind instruments — brass and woodwind

Overhead miking — drums or percussion

Ensembles — choral or orchestral

Room ambiance pick-up — guitar amplifier or drums

Both the acoustic environment and microphone placement strongly affect the sound obtained from miking a source. You may need to experiment with microphone placement and room treatments to achieve the best overall sound for each application

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