Shure Microflex Lecturn Condenser MX412/C

The Microflex miniature gooseneck microphones are permanently polarized condenser microphones offering a high degree of flexibility through freely adjustable goosenecks and exchangeable condenser capsules with different directional characteristics. The cardioid (C), supercardioid (S) and omnidirectional (O) capsules are easy to change and, with their wide transmission range, provide precise sound reproduction in a variety of applications, be it in churches, courtrooms or conference rooms. The condenser capsules also go with any mic in the Microflex line for even greater comfort and consistent sound quality.


Microflex gooseneck microphones are available in four different model variants and in different lengths and mounting options. Four models have a mute button with LED indicator. In addition, each Microflex gooseneck microphone features a balanced, transformerless output that eliminates electromagnetic hum and RF interference over long cable runs.

Polar pattern: Cardioid
With a very slim gooseneck (30.5 cm long)
Programmable switch and LED
Integrated preamplifier
Mini capsule changeable (modular)
Including windscreen and table stand
Transmission range: 50 Hz – 17 kHz
Output impedance: 180 O
No-load sensitivity: cardioid: -35.0 dBV / Pa (17.8 mV)
Maximum sound pressure level (1 kHz at 1% total harmonic distortion, 1 kO load): cardioid: 124.2 dB SPL
Self-noise (equivalent sound pressure level): cardioid: 28.0 dB
Common mode rejection: at least 45.0 dB
Power supply: 11 to 52 V
Current consumption: 2 mA
Temperature range: -18º to 57º C
Relative humidity: 0 to 95%

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